If an injury is not taken care of properly or if it is quite a severe wound, a scar may develop during and after the healing process. Certain scars need to be treated quickly otherwise it will continue to expand and become quite unpleasant and might even cause some amount of discomfort and pain.

One of the most common types of scar would have to be keloid scars. This scar expands over the borderline of the wound and is one of the most visible types of scars as the new skin appears as a rubbery bump. This can is commonly caused by having excessive piercing, surgery, severe/deep wounds and burns. Scars can be a cause for low self esteem especially if they are in a highly visible part of the body. Fortunately, there are several scar treatment methods that you can use to help to remove scars and it will depend on several factors such as scar and skin type.

You can choose homemade remedies for scar treatment or medical prescriptions by the doctor. We highly suggest that you consult with your doctor first in order to have all viable options presented to you.

Types of Scar Treatment Methods

  • Gels and Ointments

Ways to Remove ScarsWhen it comes to gel scar removals always pick one that is silicone-based. Silicone-based gel has proven itself to be quite effective when it comes to repairing damaged skin tissue. It also creates a barrier that keeps the skin moisturized throughout the day and promotes faster and better healing. It is important that once the wound has healed you must immediately start the scar treatment process as the longer you wait the harder it would be to treat the scar.

  • Surgery

Larger scars such as keloid and hypertrophic scars will need more than a few ointments to treat. These types of scars will usually need either a steroid injection or surgery to be removed. However, surgery is mostly viewed as the last option if all else fails since this is quite a costly and invasive procedure. Surgical removal will use special tools such as an electric scalpel or laser to trim and remove the scar. You will then be given a prescription for additional treatment that you can do yourself. Surgery is still not a full-proof method though as some scars like keloids has an annoying habit of growing back.

  • Scar Sheet Treatment

Ways to Remove ScarsThis treatment involves placing a special silicone-based bandage over the scar. These bandages help keep the damaged skin moisturized while it continues the healing process. This is mostly a great way to keep the damaged skin moisturized and does not have any special compounds. It simply allows and aids the skin to heal naturally and properly. Scar sheets can be quite expensive though and you will need a box to properly get hold of the benefits it can offer as you will be using it often during the next couple of weeks.

Scar treatment is not that difficult as you might expect. But you do need to make the proper steps as soon as possible in order to prevent the wound from leaving a visible mark on your body.

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