What is ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets?

Silicone Scar Sheets are manufactured by ScarAway and are self-adhesive sheets that mimic the human skin. They are placed over raised or discolored scars. This review will inform customers of the product and how well it works. Burn centers and plastic surgeons have used this technology for years to help patients hide scars and they all confirm that it is a proven method. ScarAway now offers customers the same technology to self-treat their scars at home. The box contains 12 reusable 1.5” X 3” silicone sheets which can be used to cover large scars by using multiple sheets or may be cut down to fit smaller cicatrices.


ScarAway fails to mention the exact ingredients anywhere on this product or website. Although it does state that this product uses professional grade silicone with patented Silon technology lined on one side; the other side of the sheet uses a silky smooth fabric.


The sheets should be applied to a scar once the healing stages have begun. The sheet should be cut down to the size of the scar; multiple sheets can be used for larger scars. The adhesive side should be placed downwards onto the scar. Adhesive bandage tape can be used if the sheet doesn’t stick. They should remain over the scar for a minimum of twelve hours a day. It is advised to be cautious when washing the area. Each sheet should last for at least seven days.


ScarAway does not sell its products directly, meaning prices may vary depending on where it is purchased. The average price for a box of eight Silicone Scar Sheets is $17. A box of twelve sheets costs $32. Deals, discounts, and subscription services will all be implemented by the retailers.

Possible Side Effects

ScarAway warns customers to discontinue use and consult a doctor if any rash or allergic reaction occurs when using this product. Moreover, it should never be used on open wounds.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

As the product is sold through retailers, the manufacturer offers no customer satisfaction guarantees. This is disappointing; however, there are plenty of customer reviews to assure potential buyers of the functionality of this product. The customer consensus is that the product is generally good and that it works well. There are a few customers that have complained that the product comes loose easily, but the praise the product receives definitely outweighs the negative reviews.

The Bottom Line

The product works well and the sheets are fairly large and easy to apply. On top of that, the product works well and results are visible very early on. On the downside, the product comes loose quickly: this could be troublesome for larger scars as the sheets will run out fast when constantly replacing them.

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