What is White Lotus Organic Scar Serum?

This review for Organic Scar Serum manufactured by White Lotus. This product is marketed towards scar reduction, yet the company assures that its pure, and all-natural ingredients also contain anti-aging properties that can reduce wrinkles. It can be applied simply by massaging the serum onto the scar, although a derma stamp or a micro needling roller can be used for better results. The review will cover the details of the serum from its ingredients, to how it works and, most importantly, if it works as White Lotus promises.


The natural ingredients are infused with green tea oil to boost its benefits. White Lotus also assures customers that no preservatives or additives are used in its Scar Serum.

  • Green tea oil (Camellia Oil)
  • Panax notoginseng – San Qi
  • Commiphora molmol – Mo Yao
  • Carthimus tinctorius – Hong Hua
  • Olibannum gummi (Frankincense) – Ru Xiang


The instructions state to apply the serum twice a day to the affected area after cleaning. Moreover, White Lotus suggests using a derma stamp or micro needling roller for best results but these are not vital.


A 25ml bottle of the Organic Scar Serum costs $39.99. Unfortunately, there are no deals or discounts available for bulk orders.

Possible Side Effects

White Lotus does not mention any possible side effects that may occur when using this product. This is most likely due to the products’ formula, which is solely made up of organic ingredients that do not produce side effects. Anyhow, if any concerns arise, consult a doctor before using the product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

White Lotus does not offer any money-back guarantee for any customers dissatisfied with their purchase. This is unnerving, as customers may question the functionality of the product if the manufacturer is not willing to offer a refund if the product fails to work.

On the other hand, to back up the lack of any guarantees, there are plenty of positive reviews from customers who have tried the product and assure that it works very well. As for bad customer reviews, none were found: a few customers complained they disliked the greasiness of the serum when applying it to their skin but, apart from that, they claim the product works wonders.

The Bottom Line

White Lotus Organic Scar Serum does well to keep the skin feeling smooth. On top of that, it helps fade scars after several months of use. The dropper that comes with the bottle is also a nice addition as it facilitates the application of the serum.

The price of the product is one of its biggest downfalls: the bottle is very small at only 25ml, meaning it can run out fast if using it twice a day and for months on end. With no discounts or subscription services available, several of the $39.99 bottles will be needed to continue use.

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