What causes scars? That is quite a common question in medical clinics but the answer is actually quite simple. Scar appears when your body is healing your wound. This signals that your body has effectively closed the injury but the downside is that some wounds may leave a mark, a rather permanent mark. The bump of extra skin on where the wound is supposed to be is due to the fact that your body goes into overdrive in skin regeneration and will sometime produce excess skin in order to quickly seal off the injury.

The new skin cells that were rapidly formed will undoubtedly look much more different than the surrounding skin which was developed naturally overtime. The most important thing that everyone should be aware of is that when you get injured, the skin that will grow over that injury will most likely be quite different. The size of the wound will play a major factor on the chances of scarring but almost all types of injury will leave a mark with some smaller/lighter ones disappearing overtime.

Scars – What Causes Them?Other important aspects that you should be aware of is that scars are constituted with a different skin which are more sunlight sensitive and does not have any ability to grow hair. Chances are it will also have a different color from the surrounding skin which makes it even more visible. There several treatments that you can choose in order to remove scars. There are homemade treatments that are ideal for small or lighter scars but other more visible and larger ones may need some medical treatment from a professional doctor. Scars are known to become less and less visible overtime. While they may not completely disappear they may fade to the point of being almost indistinguishable. Just remember that most scars do fade to become less visible but it will take time.

Types of Scars

You may be surprised to learn that there are actually different types of scars. Below is a list of the various scars that you might acquire depending on the size and severity of the injury.

Keloid Scars – this type of scar is caused when the body overproduces new skin during the healing process which will result in a bump where the wound was once it has completely healed. This type of scarring is often seen in people with a darker skin tone. The treatment used for treating keloid scars mostly revolve around injections on the site.

Scars – What Causes Them?Hypertrophic Scars – This scar is way rougher, tougher and more visible which makes it quite a hassle to remove. It takes years to fade away and if you want removed quicker you will need to take injections or surgery.

Contracture Scars – This is more common when the wound is particularly large. Sometimes the skin regeneration process is not fast enough to seal larger wounds properly which may cause the body to instead try and pull the sides of the injury together in order to seal off the wound. This causes the scar to have that stretched appearance. This type of scarring will definitely need cosmetic surgery to correct.

These are all the type of scars that you can receive from a wound depending on the injury itself. While most will disappear overtime, it is still best for you to take preventive measures rather than looking for a treatment. Wear proper protective gear when doing some outdoor activities that have a high risk of injury and always take care of the wound as soon as possible.

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