Most of the time, a scar can be removed by simple means such as special home remedies that is readily available to you. However, there are some types of scars that will need something more advanced in order to be completely removed. These scars are known as hypertrophic and keloid scars. Keloid and hypertrophic scars are distinguished by the excess skin that is left behind from the wound. This happens when the body’s healing process produces more than enough new skin during regeneration.

Prevention is always better than the Cure

There are several people who are susceptible to this type of scarring and the only way to prevent having to undergo advanced treatment is simply through prevention. Having too much piercings on the body can cause keloid and hypertrophic scarring, so try to avoid that. If you are doing any sort of outdoor activity you should wear something that covers your legs as well as your arms. Another tip is to use moisturizers often and when injured try to take care of the wound as soon as possible.

Different Ways to Lighten and Remove Advanced ScarsTaking care of the injury at once is a great way to prevent any scarring. As for the first aid treatment process, you should clean the wound and the surrounding area with water and soap in order to remove any dirt that has attached itself to the skin.

Once properly cleaned you should apply an antibiotic cream around and over the wound itself then apply a clean bandage. Once the wound starts healing you should then regularly apply silicone based gels to help prevent scarring.

Unfortunately, there are times when even proper care and prevention will not help you avoid scarring. Most likely, you yourself have some form of old scar somewhere on your body. That scar is either a keloid or hypertrophic type which means you need to acquire medical help from a doctor in order for them to conduct several of the advanced scar removal techniques available today.

Below are several types of these advanced scar removal techniques that you can choose from:

Cortisone Injection

Different Ways to Lighten and Remove Advanced ScarsOne of the most common types of scar removal techniques is via injection of a compound known as cortisone. Cortisone acts as a way to slow down the scar tissue development, lessen inflammation and remove the redness. However, this medical process is prone to side effects. Some of the most common side effects when using this treatment are acute pain on the site of the injection, skin discoloration and some people might even be allergic to this compound. This is one of the more affordable scar treatments available around today and will require you to undergo the injection once a month for three months.


Cryosurgery, as the name suggests, is a form of treatment that will require freezing the scar tissue. Freezing the said area will help doctors to trim down the excess scar tissue. The only downside to this treatment is that it is said to be quite painful and can cause some irritations for a couple of days. You can also do this treatment by yourself as there are cryosurgery kits that you can purchase in pharmacies.

Laser Scar Removal Treatment

Different Ways to Lighten and Remove Advanced ScarsProbably one of the most expensive scar removal treatments today, laser treatments will make use of high powered lasers to remove your old scars. This is quite a complicated process as doctors must first determine the correct type of laser they will use on your skin. After the procedure, doctors will also bleach the skin in order to completely lighten and remove the scar. This is not a perfect scar treatment though as it does have some side effects. The most common side effect is that keloid type scars may comeback in the future or become worse due to the laser burning off the skin.

Surgically Removing the Scar

Larger scars may require something a little more drastic if you wish to remove it permanently, this comes in the form of surgical removal. The process involves cutting out the scar and sewing the skin back together again to flatten the area. The price will depend on the size of the scar and the result is not always a guarantee. Be sure that you go to a licensed professional doctor as surgery can lead to infection if the surgeon is not careful.

To avoid having to undergo the above treatments, it is best to always be careful and if you do get injured you must take proper care of the wound as soon as possible with some first aid.

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