Whenever our skin breaks it is regarded as a wound. Wounds vary from minor to severe and scarring will also depend on the wound itself. Obviously, small cuts and scrapes are unlikely to leave a permanent scar compared to gashes or jagged wounds. Scars are actually a natural part of the body’s healing process and there are other factors to consider when it comes to what type of scar will be left once the wound has healed.

These factors include skin type, age, race, and the type of wound received. Scars will mostly disappear given enough time but certain type of scars like keloids and hypertrophic scars can not only be permanent but also quite unsightly. Thanks to the advancement of technology though there are several treatment options on hand to remove scars. The downside to this is that these treatments are usually expensive. However, before opting for those treatment options there are several all natural herbal scar treatments that you can try out first. Below are some well-known herbs that can help heal scars without the need for expensive medical treatment.

Aloe Vera

Natural Treatment for ScarsOne of the most popular plants known for its impressive skin benefits is aloe vera. In fact, aloe vera has been used to treat cuts, burns and even scarring for centuries and it would not have lasted this long as a herbal remedy without positive results. The gel of an aloe vera can help promote faster and better skin cell regeneration when it comes to wounds and can even alleviate pain and inflammation. You can obtain aloe vera gel straight from the plant or in processed and concentrated form such as ointments and cream. Please be advised that putting aloe vera gel directly over an open wound might cause more harm than good. Wait for the wound to close, clean the area properly and then apply aloe vera for best results.


Bromelain can be found in the stems of pineapple plants. Bromelain is a protease enzyme which means that it can help the body digest and absorb protein better which results in faster healing of damaged tissues. It is also a natural anti-inflammation compound which can help reduce swelling in wounds. Bromelain is taken orally but it is should not be taken along side any kind of blood thinning medications. Consult with your doctor first if you are planning to take bromelain to treat scars.

Gotu Kola

Natural Treatment for ScarsGotu kola has been used since ancient times in Asia to help heal wounds. Gotu kola is a member of the parsley family and is known to be quite a vital herbal medicine as its stems and leaves both have healing properties. Gotu kola’s primary active ingredient is called triterpenoids which is a chemical known for improving skin health. It is also a good source of antioxidants and increases blood supply to improve healing. This herb has shown great promise when it comes to reducing keloid scars as well.

Final Thoughts

Before opting to undergo special surgical treatment to remove scars, why not try an inexpensive and all natural method first? You should also be aware that eliminating scars can only start once the wound has closed. Properly cleaning and taking care of the wound will greatly reduce the chances of scarring. Using these natural herbal remedies will further increase the chances of stopping scars from forming and leaving your skin smooth and without a trace of a scar once the wound has healed.

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