What is Dermatix Silicone Gel?

Silicone Gel is used to create an invisible sheet over scars to boost the skin’s natural healing process. This review will inform customers of the product and how it works. Moreover, it will help customers in their purchasing decision. The gel is transparent and comes in a 15g tube or 60g tube. Using silicone to fade scars has been tried and true. The gel works by protecting the scar thereby allowing the scar to heal.


Dermatix fails to inform customers of their products ingredients, leaving customers to have to assume that the product is a 100% silicone gel.


The tip of the tube should be cut off before use. Rub a small amount of the gel onto the scar after washing and drying the area. The gel should then be left to dry for, approximately, four to five minutes. If any moist gel persists, remove it. This process should be done twice a day for at least two months before any visible results will appear.


One 15g tube of the gel costs $54.43 and a 60g tube of the gel costs $163.31. No deals or subscription services are offered.

Possible Side Effects

Dermatix warns customers not to use the product on open wounds, or too close to the eyes. The gel is also sticky and may stain clothing if it has not fully dried. They also warn customers to consult a doctor and discontinue use of the product immediately if experiencing irritation of the skin.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Dermatix does not offer any kind of refund or guarantees on this product. This may indicate that the company is not forthcoming regarding the gel’s functionality. To make matters worse, the customer reviews are all negative and every customer claims the product did not work for them.

The Bottom Line

Dermatix Silicone Gel seems okay and uses known ingredients for making scars less visible, yet it fails to do so according to customer reviews. The price is also extremely high for such a small tube of silicone gel that fails to meet expectations. Without any customer satisfaction guarantees and many negative reviews, the product does not seem suitable for dealing with scars.

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