What is Cybele Scagel?

Cybele Scagel is a scar treatment product that uses silicone derivatives combined with a natural herbal mixture in order to help smoothen and soften scars. This topical ointment is best used immediately once a wound has closed in order to prevent scars from developing. This is our full review of this topical treatment, to know more please continue reading our comprehensive review below.


Each of the ingredients incorporated into this topical treatment were carefully selected in order to produce the best and fastest results when it comes to helping soften scar tissue and flatten it out. It contains the following active ingredients:

  • Anti-inflammatory Allium Cepa (onion bulb extract) – 12%
  • Centella Asiatica – 10%
  • Nanohydroxyprolisilane CN
  • Paper Mulberry Extract
  • Tamarind and mixed fruit extracts
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Vitamin E


Before applying the solution, remember to clean the area first. Once that is accomplished you can apply a thin layer of gel over the scarred tissue twice a day. The key factor here is that you must massage the gel thoroughly until the skin has absorbed it completely. This topical scar treatment product must be applied daily to obtain best results. You can apply makeup and powder over the area once Cybele Scagel has dried.


Cybele Scagel is available as a 19g tube and is currently priced at $14.89. It is available through various online stores, some of which may offer special discounts. Shipping also depends on the online store you will purchase it from as some will offer it with free shipping.

Possible Side Effects

Cybele Scagel is made using natural ingredients that regenerates dead skin cells. It also includes ingredients that are known to offer soothing effects on the skin so any form of irritation is reduced. That being said, there are rare instances when a certain individual’s skin would react negatively to some of the herbal ingredients used here. Ensure your safety and consult with a health professional first before using any new form of topical ointment on your skin.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We checked around their websites and were unable to find any customer guarantee attached to this product. The fact that this topical ointment is already quite affordable already might be one of the reasons why it lacks the customer guarantee. However, we do believe that it is in the best interest of everyone if such a guarantee exists with any product as it shows the manufacturer’s confidence in their own merchandise.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Cybele Scagel is a rather reliable and effective option for those looking to diminish the scars on their body. It is affordable and the use of all natural ingredients helps reduce the risk of skin irritations and other side effects. However, we do have to point out that it lacks any customer guarantee. One 19g tube of this topical ointment might not be enough to remove more severe scarring which would probably take longer to treat.

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